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LED Lighting Conversions:

Ever wonder how you could save on your electrical bill?  Did you know that by installing LEDs you could save up to 70%?  At GeneratorsLI, our team is ready to help you with any lighting project; large or small, at home or at work.  PSEG rebates and incentive programs are still available and can help you save on any commercial project.  GeneratorsLi handles all of the paperwork and application process for PSEG pre & final inspection.  PSEG offers a one for one fixture swap and gives you a rebate per fixture.

LED lighting is maintenance free and has a life span of over 100,000 hours.  For example; if you were to install LEDs in your newborn’s bedroom, you would not have to change them until he/she went off to college!  Converting to LED lighting has so many advantages and is the start to saving money and using less energy.

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