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Some jobs around the house even the most skilled handyman should leave to the pros, especially when it involves electricity. Topping the list for Best electrician on LI is Magnolia Electrical Contracting, a fully licensed and insured company that can make sure you and your family are “well grounded” and are safely lit along the way.

Magnolia Electric Contracting Inc., can handle all aspects of residential and commercial electrical needs.  Whether it is a new construction or a remodel, we’ll help make your vision a reality.

Our licensed master electrician, backed with over 15 years of experience, is hands on and will design your entire project.

· Residential: No job is too small.  From electrical outlet repairs, to trouble shooting faulty breakers, we will tackle the issue.  High hats, soffit and/or security lights, landscape lighting designs…we do it all!

• Commercial: Lighting layouts for offices, warehouses, parking lots, security and emergency backup lighting.  No job is too large!